TMJ & Jaw Disorders


Nick Salava, DMD

There have been volumes written on the topic of headaches, but very little has been said about the relationship between headaches, neck and ear pain, and Tempromandibular Joint (TMJ) dysfunction syndrome. Books for the general public gloss over or ignore TMJ dysfunction, although research has proven that it causes a high percentage of tension type headache pain and is very damaging to the teeth and jaws.

The diagnosis and treatment for TMJ dysfunction is relatively straightforward for a doctor who is specifically trained to recognize and treat the dysfunction. Once the problem is accurately diagnosed, the treatment is most often simple and successful. Since treating TMJ dysfunction is not a standard part of dental or medical school, you cannot assume that every doctor can detect and treat this problem. In other words, a dental school degree does not mean that you will be properly treated. To discover if TMJ dysfunction is the cause of some or all of your pain, you must find a dentist who has training and has successfully treated many TMJ dysfunction cases. Dr. Salava has a passion for TMJ and jaw disorders and offers an initial screening to evaluate the patient’s condition with a personalized solution.

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